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Maybe next time... (English)

Hey you, Deep Purple loving Turkish Deep Purple fans!

This happened to us (Turkish fans) for the first time: Even though everything was well organised - the concert and everything surrounding it was ready - the organiser of the concert cancelled it. His argument: He wasn't selling enough tickets und that's why Deep Purple and the fans were rejected!


The Turkish Deep Purple fans planned to joyfully welcome Deep Purple at the airport on 6/9/2001! In 1998 Deep Purple was in Istanbul, with two concerts, it was visited by many fans. ("We", the fans, have destroyed the steel bars to be able to visit the concert. Where are you, the fans who have destroyed the steel bars to come in? Why? Why were there so many fans in 1998, who paid so much attention to Deep Purple, who gave so much "fan love" and who in 2001 let them down?

OK, there are many financial problems in Turkey, but we spent 75 million TL on the Sting concert (ticket), were sleeping and standing all day long in a queue in front of the concert hall.

We spend millions of TL on Turkish bellydancers We spend 10 million TL to participate in scientific fairs, right? Though we are having a financial crisis, we spend nevertheless millions of TL for the things mentioned above, but why didn't even just 1.000 Deep Purple fans come together? Are Deep Purple really so pointless, that "we" can spend our money on the things above and not for them?

Hey, you Deep Purple fans, Turkish rocker, oldies, "we" have left Deep Purple in the lurch, disappointed them!!!

Hey, Deep Purple fans, let's save money already now, to present a good tour and much pleasure in 2002, for the new album with a tour of Turkey.

Come on ... get to work!

"I'm very sorry, Deep Purple!"

Bora Cetin fan

[Thanks to Jutta Biene and Narin. Rasmus]

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