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The boys were back in town

My life with Deep Purple started in 1971 and now 30 years and approximately 100 DP concerts later, they are, as most of THS readers will know, still VERY much alive. And thanks for that!

The three concerts on 9, 11 and 12 of August was in my opinion light years better than the ones two years ago, when they where here last time. At that time I was for the first in my life a bit disappointed about the energy and performance level. I still doesn’t know why, but there was something missing at that time.

I will not go into a lot of details from the three concerts. The set lists were as the René Mikkelsen wrote in his review from Skanderborg, except they didn’t play "Black Night" in Helsingborg. A great set list for a nostalgic person like me, but for the future they must include more songs from the newer albums. I believe that the next album is one of the most important albums in the history of Deep Purple. That album will prove what kind of future there is for Deep Purple. I will pray to all the gods in the universe to see Deep Purple again making the headlines in newspapers and magazines and making their arrival in the charts, on the radio and on TV. For that to happen it must be a much stronger one that the last few ones, with a lot of strong songs and tunes to be included in the next tour.

To all of you who are going to see Purple on this tour, you have a lot to look forward to, when it comes to real 'Purple power'. Everyone in the band are performing with such a high level of energy that I can only say 'Purple are back'. Roger is very much in front and with a powerful sound, Paice as always perfect, Steve playing more ROCK guitar than I have ever seen him playing before and of course on an extremely high level, Gillan I have not seen in better shape or singing better since his "Naked Thunder" tour 11 years ago (but get some new stage clothes and shoes) and for Don Airey, who only had 48 hours to rehearse before the Skanderborg concert - he was, like always, playing like a dream. I can't wait to se him again with his new project together with Graham Bonnet. Don't forget Scandinavia when you are going on the next tour!!

Conclusion: Thanks for three great shows - see you later on the tour.

Bo Finn Poulsen

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