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"Scandal" in Monaco

For the last 25 years, I've been a true fan. I write this review because I'm very upset by Deep Purple's bad behaviour.

I purchased a 42 ticket ($60 or DM120) for their concert!!!!!
I drove about 650 kilometres return.
The show began at 11pm and ended at midnight....
Yes - total time: 60 minutes!!!!!!

The concert (without Jon Lord but with Don Airey) was fine but not terrific. Deep Purple 'forgot' to play "Mary Long", "No One Came", "Black Night", etc.... I'm very disappointed, and I think that Deep Purple has a "Bad Attitude" for the true fans (not for the multi-millionaires who were in the room....)

[Rumour says the band played in tuxidos... True? Rasmus]

Agnel Erick

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