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Watching the rain

The day was cloudy from the morning and about two hours before the concert it seemed that it was going to rain. Just as DP were ready to go on stage it happened. It usually doesn't rain in Greece during the summer, but when it does, it DOES. That's what happened yesterday night...

About 5500 people were trying to find somewhere to be protected from the rain, but the theater's toilet was too small for all of us, so we just remained in the rain and got soaked to the bones.

Fortunately, it stoped raininig after 15 minutes and everybody went back to the theater, waiting, screaming and shouting.

After 10 minutes Mr Panagiotopoulos [Hey, our favourite Greek! Rasmus] came up the stage and said that if the equipment was OK, the concert would now take place. Fortunately, everything was fine and the band appeared at the stage with a 90-minute delay, but who cares.

The gave us a great show as a reward for our patience. Don Airey was great. He ROCKS!!!

The set list was similar to all the other concerts and after 100 min the show was over so we all went home wet, tired and with our shoes full of mud, but very happy. This day was an amazing and uforgettable experience!!!

Panos Papapanagou

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