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Steve Morse, like a model on TV

I am a Deep Purple fan, my age is about the age of the band and I am one of the people who started to play guitar with the "Smoke On The Water" intro. I know the band's history and every member's career including Steve Morse's and I wanted to write these notes about this specific concert.

The concert was an incredible performance from all the members of the band. Nobody could believe that those people at this age could still perform and act on stage like teenagers. Steve Morse was shining and really raised hell with his guitar, smiling all the time - like the models on TV (!!!) - while he gave new life to the old songs with his crispy sound.

I couldn't believe that I would enjoy it so much and what my eyes have seen there, is that people of this kind, full size stars can be so... rocking. No lasers, no video screens... It was the message that good music is always good music and needs no videos and no explosions to be heard. These men, who are -all of the band- real stars and not products of a PR department, seem so friendly and kind with the audience, so humble (Ian Gillan performed the show in bare feet) and this is a great lesson for all these newcomers in the show-business who make a million a year and then pretend to be the-gods-themselves. They proved that rock'n'roll is running in their veins and they seemed to enjoy at full what they were doing.

I feel lucky I had the chance to watch these legends play and I hope to be soon again a witness to another Deep Purple show.

Thank you

Dimitris I. Karatzas

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