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Goofy Gillan

They started with "Woman From Tokyo". It was absolutely incredible. With no disrespect to Jon Lord, but I didn't miss him at all. Don Airey did a fantastic job, and seemed like one hell of a guy!

And the whole band sounded great. Gillan, who is my biggest hero, also sounded bloody great! I couldn't have asked for more. Didn't even miss "Child In Time" like I've done before. The slow solo part of "Fools" covers the 'beautiful' part that is needed in a good rock show!

I've never been a big "Mary Long" fan before, but that song was really one of the best last night!

I was smiling the whole evening, because I liked the unusual selection of songs and Gillan was acting so goofy! He is the greatest!

The rain started falling down perfectly as they started playing "When A Blind Man Cries", but went away pretty fast.

I only hope we were a good audience!

O B Solhei

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