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Newsgroups: alt.music.deep-purple
Subject: Deep Purple on EXTRA (U.S. TV)
From: lonewolf@mindlink.bc.ca
Date: 2 Jun 1996 04:57:04 GMT

So, at 19:41 Saturday evening on June 1, DP had some North American exposure. It only lasted 2 minutes and 23 seconds (plus the few seconds for the two billboards earlier in the show), but at least it was exposure!!

Here's the full transcript:

EXTRA (aired Jun 1/96) 
<> indicates background images with voiceover
[] indicates video and sound xx: indicates talking head XX 

1st billboard: <CalJam> and, Deep Purple..

2nd billboard: <CalJam> It's the rockband that shattered ear drums in the '70s. [SOTW chorus from CalJam] Next, EXTRA is catching up with what was once the world's loudest band, Deep Purple. Now, find out if the group is toning it down.

Article: <graphic: Mk3 band photo>

Host: Now, let's rewind to 1973 when another British band ruled the charts, the hard-rocking group Deep Purple.And no one can forget their hit, Smoke On The Water, and its infectious riff. The band was at their peak; and then came the breakup. Now EXTRA is catching up with Deep Purple.

<dissolve to CalJam, then quick cuts of Mk2 IG headshake, RG bass run, RB power chord, JL pose>

Voiceover: With their long hair, hard-driving guitars, and shrieking vocals, [IG yell from SK] British rockers Deep Purple defined heavy metal in the '70s. [SK chorus from BBC (Doing Their Own Thing??)]

JL: The Greater London Council, at the time, used to send out guys with decibel meters to check whether you were going to hurt anybody.

<CalJam, rapid-cut assorted Mk2 video>

Voiceover: And fans would crank the volume on their biggest hit, Smoke On The Water [SOTW chorus from CalJam]

<IG and JL walking across townhouse-lined street in London, 1996, doing their utmost to keep from breaking out laughing, then back to CalJam>

Singer Ian Gillan and keyboardist Jon Lord tell us the '70s anthem was inspired by a fire in a Swiss casino in 1971.

IG: When the casino burned down, we went back to the Eden-en-Lac (?) hotel and watched this beautiful old wooden building with the downdraft from the mountains blowing the smoke across Lake Geneva. [SOTW chorus from CalJam]

<inside of MH jacket, DPiR cover, rapid-cut assorted Mk2 stills>

Voiceover: But in the years after the success of Smoke On The Water, Deep Purple's popularity faded. They went throughbitter breakups, including departure of the lead guitarist Ritchie Blackmore in the middle of a tour. Then, there were the bad business decisions.

JL: I think the most stupid thing we ever did is rent an aeroplane, a very large Boeing, to do American tours with; which cost more than we were making on the tours.

<SIFLS video clips, SIFLS chorus as background music>

Voiceover: Today their latest lineup is making music again, releasing the first Deep Purple album in four years, Purpendicular. [SIFLS chorus]

Voiceover: This is the music video for their song Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming.

<IG and JL walking, then sitting at an outdoor cafe table being served>

Voiceover: Now in their 50's, Ian and Jon prefer capuccino at a London cafe to beer backstage at a concert.

<clip of tornado from Twister>

Voiceover: They have a song in the hit movie Twister, although it's not featured on the soundtrack in stores.

<quick-cut video clips from 1996 winter tour>

Voiceover: And though their band may not be as loud as it once was, Ian says his 17-year old daughter assures him they're still hip with teens today.

IG: 'Dad, you just don't get it, do you?', she said. "Deep Purple is very cool right now'.

Host: Bet that makes him happy, too. Deep Purple will kick off its world tour July 9 at the Montreux Jazz Festival.